Astroid Framework – New way of Developing Joomla Template

Astroid Framework – New way of Developing Joomla Template

Hello World!!! Introducing you all to the all-new Joomla Template Framework – Astroid. Astroid Framework is developed by JoomDev, a Joomla based web development organization and one of the best Joomla Template developer.

Astroid is a revolutionary framework for Joomla that will make developing websites and Template in Joomla! Faster, simpler and incredibly easy for the end user. The best thing about this framework is that it is totally free of cost and is Open Source i.e. Astroid is released under GNU GPL Version 2 or later license, and will be free forever.

Features to look for in Astroid

1. Drag and Drop Layout Builder and Visual Mega Menu Builder

Astroid Framework comes with drag and drop layout builder which makes it easy to create a powerful, professional website and template without any technical skills. You can customize each module position with this layout builder integrated with Astroid Framework.

Having a mega menu always help the user in easy navigation and also increase the conversion rate for your website. And this is why Astroid comes with Visual Mega Menu Builder that helps in managing categories and menu items in your Joomla site and templates.

2. Multiple Header Options with more to customize

Headers are one of the most important parts of any website as this is the first thing your visitors are going to see when they come to your website. A header is a place where all of your important stuff is going to be placed.

With Astroid, you can customize this all as it comes with multiple header layouts. You can select between horizontal mode and stacked mode as per your requirements and the way you like.

3. Responsive Layout and SEO Optimized

With the increase in internet penetration and mobile usage, we all can’t deny the fact the responsive design of a website matters a lot and also search engine like google, bing takes the responsive design of a website as one of the many factors in their ranking algorithm.

Astroid Framework allows you to develop fully mobile responsive Joomla templates and website. Along with all this, Astroid Framework follows all the SEO guidelines, to offer you the best SEO optimized Joomla framework and a boost in your SERPs.

4. Clean and Lightweight Code

Google factors page load speed in its ranking algorithm. If you are trying to optimize your website for a search engine, keep page load speed low and Astroid framework is very much capable of doing it.

Developers at JoomDev tried their best to have a clean and lightweight code in Astroid. The websites and template developed on top of Astroid framework always have a low page loading time and offers a smooth experience to your end users.

5. Well documented and Open source

The idea of Documentation revolves around the fact to provide a well-written document in a readable form so that, to find out what a template does, what to expect from the template and how to install and customize it.

Astroid comes with a well-written documentation with screenshots & video references. All Steps to creating templates and websites with Astroid framework are described in details in the documentation which is of great use if you just started using Astroid.

Also, Astroid Framework is Open Source i.e. you can use it to make any kind of Joomla based website or templates without any restrictions.

Still looking to know more, check out the official announcement.

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